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19 Apr 2024

BBC Radio London Interview: ‘Scary Age’

What is your ‘Scary Age’? Last week, Bridget Walford, owner of The Eaves Counselling and…

18 Apr 2024

Online Overload

By Suzanne Walker Therapist MNCPS (Accredited), Counsellor at The Eaves The amount of information we…

16 Apr 2024

Self-esteem and 5 ways to improve the view of yourself

By Maria Laskou, Counsellor and Psychotherapist at The Eaves Self-esteem can be defined as an…

11 Apr 2024

BBC Radio Surrey Interview: “Mental health has gone to far”

Take a listen! Last week, Bridget Walford owner of The Eaves Counselling and Psychology was…

21 Mar 2024

Helping men who have experienced the loss of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth and antenatal death

By Peter Dunn, Counsellor at The Eaves Research has shown that many men who experience…

19 Mar 2024

Bouncing Back from Burnout: A Friendly Guide to Recovery

By Fiona Hewkin, Counsellor at The Eaves If you have found yourself on the brink…

13 Mar 2024

Cold Water Therapy

By Natalie McIvor, Counsellor and Psychotherapist at The Eaves My first memory of being in…

11 Mar 2024

Automatic Negative Thoughts

By Dawn Henley, Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Psychosexual Therapist Our minds have an incredible ability to…

07 Mar 2024

How People Pleasing Can Impact Our Self Worth

By Kirsty Stacey, Counsellor at The Eaves Pleasing other people can be a positive experience,…

20 Feb 2024

The Close Link Between Physical Health and Mental Health

By Emma Pott, Counsellor and Psychotherapist at The Eaves The vast majority of mental health…

14 Feb 2024

Love Beyond the Pressure: Celebrate Yourself and Your Friends This Valentine’s Day

By Dawn Henley, Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Psychosexual Therapist Valentine's Day, with its barrage of commercials,…

12 Feb 2024

Counselling for Neurodiversity – how it can help Autism and ADHD, and where to find support in Surrey

By Louise Medhurst, Pluralistic Counsellor at The Eaves Neurodiversity is a concept that recognises and…

07 Feb 2024

Trauma, Recovery and Therapy

By Emma Pott, Counsellor and Psychotherapist at The Eaves Often I meet people who feel…

31 Jan 2024

How to Cope with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

By Lucy Warner, Counsellor at The Eaves Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of…

23 Jan 2024

Young people and loneliness: why young adults are feeling lonely

By Evangelina Rocha, Counsellor Loneliness can be very powerful: it can have a great impact…

03 Jan 2024

Be the main character this new year, with the power of presence.

By Grace Parker, Counsellor at The Eaves How are you feeling this new year? Mixed…

06 Nov 2023

How to develop more self-esteem

By Rachel Kitney, Counsellor at The Eaves Low self-esteem is something I often see in…

30 Oct 2023

Worrying about death and dying

By Kirsty Stacey, Counsellor at The Eaves It is a normal human experience to worry…

23 Oct 2023

Working with Chronic Illness

By Lucy Warner, Counsellor at The Eaves As 13.7 million people life with a long-…

17 Oct 2023

Breaking Free from the Cycle: Healing Emotional Trauma from Parents

By Fiona Hewkin, Counsellor at The Eaves Coming to terms with the emotional trauma caused…

13 Oct 2023

Self-care – more than warm baths and exercise…

By Charlie Fancy, Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist at The Eaves How often have you heard…

02 Oct 2023

Counselling for Addiction – Help on the Road to Recovery

By Louise Medhurst, Pluralistic Counsellor at The Eaves I’ve found that counselling people who are…

26 Sep 2023

Putting the Men in Mental Health

By Lucy Todd, Counsellor at The Eaves The move towards acknowledging mental health, and therapy…

11 Sep 2023

From diagnosis to acceptance, a SEN parents’ grief

By Vikki McHallam, Client Services Administrator at The Eaves As a parent of a disabled…

05 Sep 2023

Why animals are fabulous for our mental health

By Fiona Hewkin, Counsellor at The Eaves There is a growing body of research that…

29 Aug 2023

Counselling in ‘later life’

By Suzanne Walker Therapist MNCPS (Accredited), Counsellor at The Eaves The idea of therapeutic counselling…

21 Aug 2023

What is Counselling?

By Katy Tucker, Counsellor and Psychotherapist Counselling is a form of talking therapy offered by…

14 Aug 2023

Breaking free from negative cycles in relationships

By Dawn Henley (MNCPS), Counsellor and Psychotherapist Relationships are a fundamental aspect of human life…

07 Aug 2023

Supporting Mental Health at University

By Vikki McHallam, Client Services Administrator at The Eaves As September comes around again, it…

20 Jul 2023

In the eye of the storm – navigating midlife

By Charlie Fancy, Counsellor and Psychotherapist at The Eaves Over recent months there’s been a…

13 Jul 2023

Tips for overcoming anxiety

By Fiona Hekwin, Counsellor at The Eaves Anxiety is really common and it is something…

30 Jun 2023

Alcohol Awareness

By Richard Hereward, Counsellor at The Eaves Next week is Alcohol Awareness Week and for…

28 Jun 2023

Responding to the impact of homophobic and transphobic hate crime

By Peter Dunn, Counsellor at The Eaves With LGBTQ+ Pride Month in mind, it is…
Trans Discrimination at Work The Eaves Counselling and Psychology

24 Jun 2023

Trans discrimination at work

By Leonie Roberts, Client Service Administrator at The Eaves More than a third of LGBTQ+…

18 Jun 2023

Autism Pride Day 2023

By Natalie McIvor, Counsellor at The Eaves This annual event was first celebrated by the…

12 May 2023

Why Anger is Healthy

By Emily Bristow, Counsellor at The Eaves Many of us from a young age are…

04 Apr 2023

Why Nature is Good for Mental Health

By Fiona Hekwin, Counsellor at The Eaves This blog explores why nature is good for…

06 Mar 2023

Book Review: The Myth of the Normal

By Brian O'Donovan, Counsellor at The Eaves Book Review: The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness…

14 Feb 2023

Random Acts of Kindness Week

By Leonie Roberts, Client Services Administrator at The Eaves Random Acts of Kindness Week takes…

23 Jan 2023

Mental Health Matters – How to actually feel happier

By Fiona Hekwin, Counsellor at The Eaves Mental health matters, we all know this. So…

19 Oct 2022

Honouring yourself this Autumn

By Oskari Pentikainen, Counsellor at The Eaves Autumn has a distinct feel that we all…

30 Aug 2022

Empty Nesters – you’re not alone

By Selina Pratelli, Counsellor Empty Nesters - you're not alone. The summer is drawing to…

16 Aug 2022

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – much more than hand washing

What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? OCD by definition is a common, chronic, and long-lasting disorder…

09 Jun 2022

Top tips for coping with exam stress

By Holly Rees, Counsellor Exam season is here, and I am hearing more and more…

07 Jun 2022

Finding a Suitable Therapist

By Oskari Pentikainen, Counsellor at The Eaves Finding a suitable therapist can be a journey…
Woman presenting to room of people

24 May 2022

Mental Wellbeing at University

By Vicki Snow, Counsellor and Psychotherapist at The Eaves   For many young people, going…
Woman holding a baby

04 May 2022

Maternal Mental Health

By Sarah Hackett - Student on placement at The Eaves   The arrival of a…
Eating Disorder Article

20 Apr 2022

Is food your friend or foe?

By Andy Spencer, Counsellor at The Eaves    Our relationship with food Food can be…
Acne Article

06 Apr 2022

Acne and Mental Health

By Connie Davies, Student Counsellor on placement at The Eaves I am currently a student…
People Putting Hands Up in Classroom

24 Mar 2022

Classroom-Based Therapy – Teaching CBT in Schools

By Marcus Bowery, REBT Therapist I’ve spent nearly 20 years teaching in a range of…
Man Taking Off Wedding Ring

09 Mar 2022

Divorce, Separation, and Mental Health

By Stephanie Evans, Student Counsellor at The Eaves Mental health professionals have long agreed that…
Weighing Scales & Measuring Tape

23 Feb 2022

Body Image and Health: How to take care of ourselves in a diet obsessed world

By Philippa Whiting, Psychotherapist at The Eaves Do you struggle to accept the way your…
Sexual Abuse Definition

09 Feb 2022

Sexual Abuse Awareness Week 2022

By Susi Felton, Counsellor at The Eaves It’s nearly 20 years since marital rape arrived…
Colourful Paper Surrounding Cut Out of Head

26 Jan 2022

Why it is important than ever to take care of our mental health

By Bridget Walford, Counsellor and Director at The Eaves With it being reported that nearly…
Woman Standing in the Snow

12 Jan 2022

Why does winter make you feel sad?

By Olivia Walford, Administrator at The Eaves Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of…
New Years Eve Fireworks at London

29 Dec 2021

5 tips for sticking to your New Year’s resolutions for 2022

By Olivia Walford, Administrator at The Eaves.    Many of us are guilty of making…
Working with the Whole Person Banner

22 Dec 2021

Working with the Whole Person

By Brian O'Donovan, Counsellor at The Eaves Working with people, not labels. There seems to…
Panic Spelt in Scrabble

14 Dec 2021

What is a panic attack?

A panic attack is a physical manifestation of anxiety or worry. Panic attacks are often…
Different Colour Outlines of Body

08 Dec 2021

You can live a full life with a bipolar disorder diagnosis

By Maria Laskou, Humanistic Counsellor at The Eaves   What is bipolar disorder? Bipolar disorder…
Christmas Decorations

30 Nov 2021

Avoiding Strain on your Relationships at Christmas

By Maria Stoffel, Administrator at The Eaves Statistics consistently show that all kinds of relationships…
Woman Doing Yoga Outside

24 Nov 2021

What is Mindfulness?

By Connie Davies, Student on Placement at The Eaves Mindfulness is the state of mind…
Anti-Bullying Poster

17 Nov 2021

Anti-Bullying Week 2021 – One Kind Word

By Olivia Walford, Administrator at The Eaves From the 15th to the 19th of November,…
Cloudy Weather by Bench

10 Nov 2021

Bearing Witness to Grief

By Nadia Hepburn, Counsellor at The Eaves   When hearing the news that someone you…
Person with Hands on Head in the Dark

03 Nov 2021

Managing Stress – Stress Awareness Day 2021

By Sarah Hackett, Student on Placement at The Eaves   We know what it is…
Diagram with ADHD

27 Oct 2021

What is ADHD?

By Connie Davies, Student on Placement at The Eaves   ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)…
Woman Rubbing Temple

20 Oct 2021

Managing the menopause – Menopause Awareness Month 2021

By Natalie McIvor, Counsellor at The Eaves   Menopause is a natural process that every…
United Kingdom Armed Forces

13 Oct 2021

UK Armed Forces to receive new mental health training

By Olivia Walford, Administrator at The Eaves A new Annual Mental Fitness Brief (AMFB) programme…
Head Diagram with Green Brain in support of Mental Health

06 Oct 2021

World Mental Health Day 10 October 2021

By Oskari Pentikainen, Student on Placement at The Eaves   10 October 2021 is recognised…
Stacking Stones on Wooden Path

29 Sep 2021

Why Mindfulness Matters

By Vicki Snow, Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist at The Eaves   The practice of mindfulness…
Parents Holding Babies Feet

22 Sep 2021

Mental health for new parents

By Sarah Hackett, Student on Placement at The Eaves The arrival of a new baby…
Child Holding Parents Hand

15 Sep 2021

Anxiety around back-to-school

By Connie Davies, Student on Placement at The Eaves Approximately 1 in every 6 children…
3 Different Size Lit Candles

08 Sep 2021

Bereavement through suicide – World Suicide Prevention Day 9.9.2021

By Andy Spencer, Humanistic Counsellor at The Eaves   Most of us have lost someone…
Family Having a Picnic

01 Sep 2021

Dystonia Awareness Month – September 2021

By Olivia Walford, Administrator at The Eaves Dystonia is a neurological movement disorder that affects…
Man Alone in Bed on Phone

25 Aug 2021

Don’t hide your unhappy

Maria Stoffel, Administrator at The Eaves, discusses Shout, the mental health charity that she volunteers…
Children Running on Grass During Sunset

17 Aug 2021

Playing outdoors can make children happier

With the summer holidays in full swing, many parents will be encouraging their children to…
Sunglasses on a Pile of Books at the Beach

10 Aug 2021

Why take time off from work?

Due to the pandemic, 73% fewer Brits holidayed abroad in 2020 than the previous year*.…
Jaylo and Louie at Pen y Fan National Trust

03 Aug 2021

A man and his owl raising awareness about PTSD

Jaylo Miles regularly scales the highest peak in South Wales, Pen-y-Fan, in the name of…
Athlete with a False Start

27 Jul 2021

The mental health crisis amongst Olympic athletes

Only the most dedicated elite athletes can dream of making it to the Olympics. Success…
Footballer with Football under Feat

19 Jul 2021

Racism and Mental Health

Being treated differently or unfairly because of race, skin colour or ethnicity can have long-lasting…
Lonely Man Gazing Out Window

14 Jul 2021

What is Loneliness?

Loneliness is an experience that occurs when an individual’s social relationships are felt to be…
Person Holding a Brain with OCD

07 Jul 2021

What is OCD?

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is a disorder that is made up of both obsessions and…
Upset Teenage Girl Receiving Therapy

30 Jun 2021

Teenage girls mental health significantly affected by the pandemic, study shows

A new study found that the mental health of teen girls may have been disproportionately…
Parents Having a Family Hug at Picnic Table

24 Jun 2021

Wellbeing Week 21st-28th Jun 2021

What is Wellbeing Week? Wellbeing Week is the Mental Health Foundation’s new fundraising initiative for…
Acceptance Definition

17 Jun 2021

CPD event – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

At The Eaves we hold regular training events and workshops for our practitioners, as part…
Mencap Logo

09 Jun 2021

Learning Disability Week 14th – 20th June

The charity Mencap devote a week each year to raising awareness of the challenges faced…
Lonely Woman Holding Head

26 May 2021

Pandemic Impact

Research by The Centre for Mental Health has shown that extra mental health support will…
Stella Profile Picture

19 May 2021

Why am I struggling to concentrate?

By Eaves Therapist Stella Goddard This article seeks to explore some possible reasons for struggling…
Mental Health Awareness Week Banner

13 May 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week 10th-16th May

This year, the theme of Mental Health Awareness Week is nature. This is due to…
Woman Smiling

05 May 2021

Introducing ‘Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes’ (CWTP)

By Eaves Therapist Jacqui Hames Many years ago, whilst assisting with an Adult Literacy class,…
Journeys to Recovery Poster

28 Apr 2021

Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week 3-9th May

Between the 3rd and 9th of May this year, the Perinatal Mental Health Partnership will…
Man Consoling his Daughter

22 Apr 2021

Supporting children through bereavement and Covid-19 losses

Covid-19 has disrupted everybody’s lives in some way or another, and the death of a…
Elderly Lady Walking Alone

14 Apr 2021

Coping with the death of a lifelong partner

The sad announcement on Friday that Prince Philip has passed away at the age of…
Bridget Profile Picture

07 Apr 2021

Supporting your Employees Mental Health – Pandemic and Beyond

By The Eaves owner Bridget Walford Work-related stress, depression or anxiety accounts for 44% of…
Child Holding Parents Finger

31 Mar 2021

How early attachments can impact future relationships

By Suzanne Walker   History: British psychologist John Bowlby is largely credited with developing modern…
World Autism Awareness Week Poster

24 Mar 2021

Autism Awareness Week 2021

About this event Autism Awareness Week (29th March - 4th April) aims to improve people's…
Lonely Man Upset on Sofa

17 Mar 2021

How to deal with social anxiety as Lockdown eases

The UK Government recently announced a roadmap for when restrictions would be eased. Smaller gatherings…
Woman Working From Home

11 Mar 2021

Are you comfortable working from home?

Are you comfortable working from home? Stoughton Pages asked The Eaves to contribute our view…
Susie Pinchin Profile Picture

01 Mar 2021

Eating Disorders – By Susie Pinchin

This week (1st - 7th March) is Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Each year, Beat, the…
Younger Female Upset Sitting Against Brick Wall

24 Feb 2021

Self-Harm Awareness Day

Self-harm awareness day falls on the 1st of March each year. The three charities Self-Harm…
Close up of Woman's Eye

17 Feb 2021

Understanding EMDR Therapy by Rachel Sewrey

What is EMDR therapy? It sounds very scientific and a little scary right? I wanted…
Kindness Definition

11 Feb 2021

Random Acts of Kindness Week 2021

February 14th to the 20th is Random Acts of Kindness Week – a week to…
Happy Family Taking a Walk on the Field

03 Feb 2021

Positives of the Pandemic

It has been difficult to feel anything but negativity towards the COVID-19 pandemic which has…
Children's Mental Health Week Poster

27 Jan 2021

Children’s Mental Health Week, February 1st-7th 2021

This year, Children’s Mental Health Week is more important than ever. The pandemic has meant…
Woman Working from Home on Laptop

20 Jan 2021

Support for Parents and Carers during the Covid-19 Pandemic

The government’s recent announcement regarding the third lockdown is sure to have put further strain…
man with a cup of cappuccino with a sad face

13 Jan 2021

Blue Monday 2021

Officially announced the ‘most depressing day of the year’, Blue Monday is said to be…
Business Woman Standing Waiting for Meeting

06 Jan 2021

Imposter Syndrome

What is Imposter Syndrome? Imposter Syndrome (IS) was first recognised by Psychologists in 1970 and…
Couple Arguing on Green Sofa

30 Dec 2020

Anger – When does it become a problem?

Feeling angry is a normal emotion that can be evoked by feeling attacked, deceived, frustrated,…
Group of Friends with Phones and Coffee on Table

23 Dec 2020

Social Media and our Mental Health

There’s no denying that social media plays a big role in how we connect with…
Child Sitting by Window during Christmas Pointing Out The Window

16 Dec 2020

How to help children and young people navigate Christmas during the Covid-19 Pandemic, By Anna Bampou

Christmas is a little different this year! Christmas 2020 is getting nearer and we are…
Lonely Woman with Santa's Hat at Christmas whilst having Head in Hands

09 Dec 2020

Christmas and Coronavirus

As we head towards the middle of December, those of us who choose to celebrate…
Woman Sleeping on Bed

02 Dec 2020

Postnatal Depression

Postnatal Depression is a type of depression that many parents experience after having a baby.…
There's No One Face of Grief Poster

25 Nov 2020

National Grief Awareness Week

National Grief Awareness Week is driven by The Good Grief Trust to raise awareness of…
Stand up Speak Out Poster in Support of White Ribbon Day

18 Nov 2020

White Ribbon Day 2020

White Ribbon Day is a day to raise awareness of male violence against women. This…
Man with Mask Looking Out of Window

05 Nov 2020

Looking after your mental health during the second lockdown

Looking after your mental health during the second lockdown As the Prime Minister announces a…
Anna Holding onto Rails Overlooking City

28 Oct 2020

Covid-19: A mental health pandemic in the making, by Anna Bampou

As we are facing the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic the discussions seem to focus…
ADHD Awareness Month for October 2020

12 Oct 2020

ADHD Awareness Month – October 2020

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurological disorder that affects the chemical dynamics in…
Mental Health For All Poster

05 Oct 2020

World Mental Health Day

The first World Mental Health Day was celebrated in October 1992, and has continued to…
Sad Woman Looking Through Window During a Rainy Day

28 Sep 2020

Is SAD Syndrome affecting you?

Recent studies show that as many as one in every three of us are affected…
Holding Hands with Elderly Woman

21 Sep 2020

World Alzheimer’s Month 2020

World Alzheimer’s Month is run by Alzheimer’s Disease International which is held every September. The…
Man Smiling whilst Stroking Dog

24 Aug 2020

How Pet Bereavement can affect us

Our pets are often seen as part of the family, when it comes to the…
Restaurant Menu with Cutlery on Blue Wooden Table

10 Aug 2020

Will calorie counts on menus effect those with eating disorders?

The UK government recently announced a new plan to tackle obesity. The strategies include: Removing…
Man Running on Treadmill at the Gym

03 Aug 2020

Gyms re-opening in England can benefit our mental health

The recent re-opening of gyms on the 25th July after their closure in March has…
Laptop on Desk with Blank Page

27 Jul 2020

The advantages of online therapy sessions

Because of coronavirus, we are having to move a lot of things online. Whether it…
Drawn Head with Brain Diagram of Mental Health

06 Jul 2020

New survey shows how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted mental health

A new report by Mind, the mental health charity, surveyed over 16,000 people to find…
Children Reading Colourful Books on Bench

29 Jun 2020

How COVID19 can effect children’s mental health

Most of us have been emotionally affected in some way by the outbreak of COVID19,…
How Father's Day Can Impact Men's Mental Health Banner

19 Jun 2020

How Father’s day can impact men’s mental health

Father’s Day is celebrated once a year on the third Sunday of June, a day…
Learning Disability Week 2020 Poster presented by mencap

15 Jun 2020

Learning Disability Week 2020

Learning Disability week is an awareness week run by the charity Mencap, from the 15th…
Hero Definition

08 Jun 2020

Prince William warns against ‘hero’ title for NHS workers

During the coronavirus pandemic, the community has often celebrated the amazing work being done by…
Man Working in Office During Sunny Day

01 Jun 2020

Getting Back to Work After Covid-19

As lockdown restrictions are slowly being lifted it will soon be time for many of…
Lonely Woman in Field

26 May 2020

Loneliness figures double during coronavirus lockdown

A recent survey by the Mental Health Foundation (*) has shown that almost 25% of…
Mental Health Awareness Week Poster

18 May 2020

Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

Mental Health Awareness week runs from the 18th-24th of May. It is hosted by the…
Poster for 75th Anniversary of VE Day with a Red Rose

11 May 2020

75 Years on from VE day – looking at PTSD

When a conflict comes to an end, celebration and restoration ensue. VE Day was the…
Boardwalk in the Woods

04 May 2020

Ecotherapy and its benefits for mental health

During the coronavirus lockdown, many people have been spending more time outside. Whether it be…
A Poster of Animated Female Meditating on Purple Mat as part of Stress Management

27 Apr 2020

Stress Awareness Month 2020

Stress Awareness Month is run by the Stress Management Society, and is held every April.…
Thank You To The NHS Banner

20 Apr 2020

Mental health advice for healthcare professionals

The coronavirus outbreak is having a significant impact on us all. It has affected the…
Refuge Logo

14 Apr 2020

Calls to domestic abuse helplines up 25% during lockdown

Since tighter restrictions on our movement have been introduced due to the coronavirus outbreak, domestic…
Animated Picture of Woman at Desk Wearing a Face Mask

06 Apr 2020

Coronavirus: Tips for managing your anxiety

At the moment, it is hard to escape the constant stream of news coverage about…
Autism Awareness Poster with Colourful Puzzle Pieces Forming a Heart

30 Mar 2020

World Autism Awareness Day

World Autism Awareness Day takes place on the 2nd April this year. This campaign encourages…
Lynne Hipkin Profile Picture

27 Mar 2020

Your Child and the Covid-19 Restrictions – By Lynne Hipkin

Children and young people have experienced an accelerated period of immense disruption in their daily…
Bipolar UK Logo

23 Mar 2020

World Bipolar Day 2020

On the 30th March 2020 it is World Bipolar Day. This awareness day takes place…
World Health Organization Logo

16 Mar 2020

Mental health considerations during the Covid-19 outbreak

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has released guidance on the considerations of Mental Health during…
University Mental Health and Wellbeing Day Logo

09 Mar 2020

University Mental Health Day 2020

More and more students are experiencing mental health problems. With the number of students dropping…
LGBT+ History Month Poster

02 Mar 2020

LGBT+ History Month

As we draw February to a close, we can look back on LGBT+ History month.…
Beat Eating Disorders Logo

24 Feb 2020

Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2020

Eating Disorders Awareness week is coming up next week, and aims to raise funds and…
Animated Brain Exercising with Dumbbells

17 Feb 2020

New study highlights link between exercise and mental health in teenagers

A newly published study (*) has shown that an increase in light activity may improve…
The Eaves CPD Event

10 Feb 2020

The Eaves CPD Event January 2020

At The Eaves we hold regular free CPD (Continuing Professional Development) training, which is open…
Time to Talk Day with Animated Poster of a Jellyfish at Sea

05 Feb 2020

Time to Talk Day 2020

Time to Talk Day is an awareness day coordinated by Time to Change, an organisation…
Woman Gazing Outside into the Sunset

28 Jan 2020

New study aims to raise awareness of psychological risk after miscarriage

A new study has been making the news headlines this week, which investigated the effect…
Group of Friends Sitting At Table with Mobile Phones Out

13 Jan 2020

Social Media and it’s impact on our health

Most of us have it. Some of us are obsessed with it. Most of us…
Prince Phillip Supporting Heads Up Campaign

07 Jan 2020

Heads Up- The New Male Mental Health Initiative

What is it? Prince William launched the ‘Heads Up’ campaign last week, which aims to…
New Years Resolution in White Circle with Firework Background

30 Dec 2019

New Year’s Revolution

Every year we sit down in the last few days of the year and write…
Dry January Banner

23 Dec 2019

Dry January and it’s benefits for our Mental Health

What is Dry January? Dry January is a campaign created to compensate for the ‘binge-drinking’…
Lonely Woman on Sofa Looking Down

06 Dec 2019

Coping with the Festive period.

Christmas is often seen as a time of joy and happiness and spending time with…
Female with Head in Hands over Brexit

18 Nov 2019

Brexit: Effects on Mental Health

With another delay put on Brexit, experts have taken time to reflect on how Brexit…
Anti Bullying Week Poster

11 Nov 2019

Anti-Bullying Week 11 – 15 Nov

From 11th November to 15th November, schools and workplaces across the country will be raising…
National Stress Awareness Day with Diagram of Hot Drink

06 Nov 2019

National Stress Awareness Day – 6th November

This Wednesday November 6th is National Stress Awareness Day. This day gives people the opportunity…
Woman Giving Presentation to Other Therapists

28 Oct 2019

The Eaves, Learning more on divorce and laws involving children and families.

On 24th October 2019, The Eaves were invited to Penningtons Manches Cooper Solicitors in Guildford…

21 Oct 2019

Why volunteering is good for your mental health

Looking after your mental health is increasingly becoming an important topic of conversation. Self-care is…
Every Mind Matters Poster

14 Oct 2019

Every Mind Matters

Every Mind Matters is a campaign endorsed and organised by the Duke and Duchess of…
World Mental Health Day Poster with Diagram of Man under Rock

07 Oct 2019

World Mental Health Day – 10th October

World Mental Health Day is on 10th October 2019 and this year the theme is…
ADHD Awareness Month

30 Sep 2019

ADHD Awareness Month – October

October is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Awareness Month. ADHD is a behavioural disorder which…
Diagram of Two Humans, one suffering with physical health with the other suffering from mental health

23 Sep 2019

Mental Health vs. Physical Health – how to close the gap.

In the last 50 years there have been dramatic changes to the way we as…
LGBTQ with Rainbow Drawn on Classroom Chalk Board

09 Sep 2019

LGBT+ Education in Schools – New directive announced

This month The Guardian newspaper have reported that; in the next school year (2020), children…
Parent Holding Babies Hand

02 Sep 2019

Maternal Psychological Distress and Its Effects on Our Children

Recent research conducted by Cambridge University suggests that psychological distress in new mothers can have…
Animated Woman Looking at Mirror and Suffering from Body Dysmorphia

26 Aug 2019

What is Body Dysmorphic Disorder? and How to Find Help

Body Dysmorphic Disorder or Body Dysmorphia is a mental health condition which affects a persons…
Tiffany Sanders Profile Picture

19 Aug 2019

Dramatherapy: Connection through Creativity – By Tiffany Sanders

We all have a story to tell, for some this is not easy to share…
Animated Man with Eyes Wide Open at Night

12 Aug 2019

Manage Night Time Panic Attacks

Sleep, is an important aspect of mental well being. It is suggested that the average…
4 US Teens Change Law on Mental Health and Pose for Picture

29 Jul 2019

Mental Health Days: US Teens changed law, could UK follow?

As of the new school year, children and teenagers in Oregon will be allowed to…
Diabetes Wrote on Clipboard with Heart Diagram

22 Jul 2019

Diabetes takes a toll on Mental Health

New research from Diabetes UK finds that one in five people living with diabetes uses…
Dr Masrita Ishaq

15 Jul 2019

What is anxiety and when does it become an issue? by Dr Masrita Ishaq

“Anxiety and Generalised Anxiety Disorder” is the most searched phrase on Counselling Directory*, a widely…
Sarah Jane Johnson Walking on Beach

08 Jul 2019

June’s Journey – By Sarah-Jane Johnson

A personal reflection from one of our counsellors who recently completed a gruelling overnight hike…
Nicola Griffiths Profile Picture

01 Jul 2019

How Counselling can help after bereavement By Nicola Griffiths

1 Being able to share your story with a counsellor who is impartial and who…
Man Holding His Smiling Baby

17 Jun 2019

International Father’s Mental Health Day – 17th Jun

Society has told us that men should not express their feelings outwardly and although this…
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15 May 2019

Emotional Acceptance: Why Feeling Bad is Good Part 2 – By Stuart Davenport

Reclaiming Your Diagnosis Part 2 Following on from last months article   What do I…
Mental Health Awareness Week Banner in Purple with Body Image

13 May 2019

Mental Health Awareness Week 13th – 19th May

Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 is from 13th - 19th May. The theme this year…
Woman Doing Yoga on Beach

10 May 2019

Yoga as a therapeutic method – By Lianne Baxter

Recently, I spent some time in India on an Ancient and Clinical Psychology training program.…
Artistic Painting of Human Mind

08 May 2019

Gas Lighting – How to spot it

Gas Lighting is a form of psychological manipulation which makes the victim question their reality.…
Cricket Ball on Grass

07 May 2019

Playing Relationships with a Straight Bat – By Andy Spencer

This old English cricket expression means to behave honestly and decently. It occurred to me…
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25 Apr 2019

Emotional Acceptance: Why Feeling Bad is Good Part 1 – By Stuart Davenport

Reclaiming Your Diagnosis Part 1 Last month I talked about considering the wider context to…
Stress Awareness Month - April

08 Apr 2019

Stress Awareness Month – April

Stress Awareness Month has been a running event for 26 years. Each year the dedicated…
World Autism Awareness Week

01 Apr 2019

Autism Awareness Week 1st – 7th Apr

The National Autistic Society run an Autism Awareness Week every year based around Autism Awareness…

28 Mar 2019

Male Mental Health

The male stereotype of not talking about emotions or having to be strong for other…
Lada Gaga Accepting Award

20 Mar 2019

Gaga creates gaga around importance of mental health access

With Lady Gaga making history last month becoming the first woman in history to win…
Bowl of your Five a Day

12 Mar 2019

Nutrition and Hydration Week 11th – 17th Mar

Nutrition and Hydration week has been going since March 2012 and aims to help people…
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06 Mar 2019

Identity Thief “Depression & Anxiety” – By Stuart Davenport

It has been several years since I began my own Journey through counselling and I…
Women Smiling with Hands Out in Support of International Women's Day

04 Mar 2019

International Women’s Day – 8th March

This year International Women's day is on 8th March and the theme for 2019 is…
NED Awareness Week with Friends Smiling

25 Feb 2019

Eating Disorder Awareness Week 25 Feb – 3 Mar

Eating Disorders have the highest risk of death than any other mental health disorder. Making…
Kindness Definition

18 Feb 2019

Random Acts of Kindness Week 18 – 22 Feb

A Random Act of Kindness is a seemingly small act which can make a big…
Time to Change Time to Talk Day Poster

06 Feb 2019

Time To Talk Day – 7th February

[embed][/embed] 7th of February is Time to Talk Day, and this year it's all about…
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05 Feb 2019

The Power of Purposeful Communication – By Stuart Davenport

I would like to invite you right now to ask yourself, ‘Is this how I…
Cervical Cancer Awareness with Different Words Associated with the condition

18 Jan 2019

Cervical Cancer Awareness Week 21 – 27 Jan

Did you know that this week is Cervical Cancer Awareness Week? Kate's story that she…
Only You Can Control Your Happiness poster

04 Jan 2019

Be in greater control of your life

Now a days we are so busy rushing around after other people -friends, family, pets,…
Pets & Mental Health with Cat and Dog

11 Dec 2018

Man’s best friend doing their bit for mental health

"The comforting padding of feet across the otherwise silent house, the welcoming nudge of wet…
Perinatal Positivity Poster

11 Dec 2018

It’s not just a Mum thing!

There have been a number of articles in recent weeks regarding postnatal depression in men.…
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11 Dec 2018

5 Things to know about anger in relationships – By Stuart Davenport

1)    In all relationships there will be conflict and disagreement “You never listen to me,…
Bullies Out Logo

08 Nov 2018

Anti Bullying Week 2018, 12th to 16th November

What is the role of a parent when it comes to bullying? This week is…
Andy Spencer Profile Picture

19 Oct 2018

How to find the right therapist for you

My name is Andy Spencer. As an Eaves counsellor for the past 3 years and…
The Eaves CPD Event

01 Oct 2018

CPD event – Post Natal Mental Health

At The Eaves we hold regular training events and workshops for our practitioners in order…