Lonely Woman Holding Head

26 May 2021

Pandemic Impact

Research by The Centre for Mental Health has shown that extra mental health support will be needed for those who were affected most by the pandemic and those who will continue to suffer from the long-term impacts. They estimate that around 10 million people in England will require mental health aid within the next 5 years.* The study expects that the majority of the 10 million will include:

  • People who were in hospital in the pandemic for a severe illness
  • Family members/friends of people who died during the pandemic
  • Care staff and key workers, especially those working in hospital intensive care units

The amount of people needing mental health support is three times higher than the current capacity of mental health services in England. Similarly, 40% of young people are currently waiting longer than 18 weeks to be seen by NHS mental health services as these services are not meeting the demand of the heightened levels of mental health cases. In 2020 alone, around 31,000 young people were referred to CAMHS in England.**

If your mental health is suffering, it is ok to seek help. You are not wasting anyone’s time and the NHS still advises you to do this. They recommend you:

  • Speak to your doctor
  • Find a therapist
  • Research into peer support and helplines

For more information on how you can help yourself please visit https://www.nhs.uk/mental-health/.


Further Support

If you have suffered as a result of the pandemic and feel you would like further support, The Eaves has a variety of trained Counsellors, Psychologists and Psychotherapists in Guildford, Godalming and Farnham. Our professionals see individuals of all ages, families, couples and young people 12 hours a day, Monday to Saturday between 9am and 9pm. Please call 01483 917000. You can also send us an enquiry via our website. Click here to find out more.