United Kingdom Armed Forces

13 Oct 2021

UK Armed Forces to receive new mental health training

By Olivia Walford, Administrator at The Eaves

A new Annual Mental Fitness Brief (AMFB) programme has been launched across the UK Armed Forces* on World Mental Health Day 2021. The mandatory training will ensure all personnel are equipped to support both their physical and mental health, and follows a commitment made by the Ministry of Defence on World Mental Health Day in 2020.


Why is mental health in the military important?

Many people associate jobs in the military with incredible physical fitness, but having good mental health is equally as important. 1 in 8 UK Armed Forces personnel was seen by military healthcare services for a mental health-related reason in 2020**. With the launch of the AMFB programme, more personnel may have the tools they need to recognise when to seek help.

UK Defence People and Veterans Minister Leo Docherty said: “I am proud we have taken yet another step to enhance our welfare provision for personnel. The Annual Mental Fitness Brief is the latest example of Defence’s commitment to ensuring our people are at the top of their game, both mentally and physically***.”


What support is available for personnel?

Most serving personnel and veterans do not experience mental health issues however, the exceptional circumstances they face during service can put them at an increased risk. While in service, military personnel can seek support from medical officers. The NHS offers the Veterans and Reserves Mental Health Programme (VRMHP) in conjunction with the Ministry of Defence for veterans. There are also several charities that support veterans’ mental health, including Combat Stress.


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