Happy Family Taking a Walk on the Field

03 Feb 2021

Positives of the Pandemic

It has been difficult to feel anything but negativity towards the COVID-19 pandemic which has taken over our lives this past year.

However, this week we have decided to focus our article on the positives that have emerged since the pandemic began:


Spending more time in greener spaces and breathing in cleaner air

Whilst being encouraged to avoid busy, cramped areas when we go on our daily walks, many have opted to visit green areas for walks surrounded by nature. Nature can improve your mood, reduce feelings of stress or anger and help you feel more relaxed. Similarly, with less people commuting and driving leisurely, there has been less fumes in the air, which has benefitted the environment and our lungs enormously.


More quality time with family

The pandemic has provided an opportunity to reconnect, talk and form new memories with household members which wouldn’t have been possible without a lockdown. Infants whose parents have both been at home have especially benefitted, as this is usually very rare.


Closer friendships with neighbours

Due to not being able to socialise or leave the home often, many people have formed closer bonds with neighbours over garden walls or during the weekly clapping for the NHS, providing a sense of closeness and community.


Not feeling guilty about lack of plans

The pressure to have constant plans has been diminished and people are now enjoying their own company and are happy do nothing without feeling bad about it. This usual pressure has been replaced by a feeling that we should be doing nothing in order to protect people.


Having time to lean new skills and focus on what we enjoy

For many people, the free time that has been at hand has been beneficial in rekindling passions that may have been forgotten about or learning new hobbies/skills that may have been put aside for years.


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