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24 Jun 2023

Trans discrimination at work

By Leonie Roberts, Client Service Administrator at The Eaves

More than a third of LGBTQ+ staff (35%) have hidden that they are LGBTQ+ at work for fear of discrimination.* Finding a support system can be difficult and leave people feeling isolated. Many people in the LGBTQ+ community feel they must hide themselves with fear of judgement and discrimination. This can impact people’s workplace environments and even careers.

A supportive working environment is important for trans people as many individuals have difficult or broken relationships with their friends and family. We spend a third of our lives working, therefore a supportive workspace can be somewhere for trans people to feel supported and understood. Stonewall’s LGBT Britain Work Report shows the impact of the workplace on trans people:

‘One in four trans people (26%) aren’t open with anyone at work about being trans. This number increases to almost two in five non-binary people (37%) who aren’t out at work.’*

‘Almost one in five LGBTQ+ staff (18%) have been the target of negative comments or conduct from work colleagues because they’re LGBT.’*

‘Almost one in five LGBT people (18%) who were looking for work said they were discriminated against because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity while trying to get a job in the last year.’*

The LGBTQ+ community is known to be twice as likely to suffer with mental health issues. Having a support system in place within the workplace can help improve employee mental health and wellbeing. It can be as simple as that one colleague that always makes your day or having an internal network (such as a pride network) with colleagues. The most important form of support is to ensure your employee or colleague does not feel alone and that everyone should have equal opportunities for support in the workplace.

Below are further resources with information and support:

The Trans Dimension is a partnership of over 40 groups and charities supporting the trans community including Mermaids, London Pride and 56T Dean St.

GenderGP aim to support and provide information services to transgender, non-binary and gender questioning people of all ages and for those who care and support them.

Trans Unite offer access to over 100 verified UK Trans support groups and help locate one close to you.

The Eaves

The Eaves has multiple practitioners who specialise in supporting LGBTQ+ people. We have highly trained Counsellors, Psychologists and Psychotherapists available across Surrey in Guildford, Godalming, Haslemere, Farnham and online. Support is available to individuals of all ages, Monday to Saturday between 9am and 9pm.

*Stonewall’s LGBT in Britain Work Report