Woman Giving Presentation to Other Therapists

28 Oct 2019

The Eaves, Learning more on divorce and laws involving children and families.

On 24th October 2019, The Eaves were invited to Penningtons Manches Cooper Solicitors in Guildford to attend a Continual Professional Development event for Affiliates at The Eaves. The speakers from Penningtons Manches Cooper discussed a broad scope of topics from divorce, injunctions, ‘no blame’ divorce law changes, how to help clients into mediation and the law around surrogacy.

One reason for entering into therapy can be prompted by difficulties in relationships, particularly around divorce and separation and especially where children are involved. While our counsellors and psychologists are trained to help clients around the emotional difficulties of a relationship breakdown, gaining some extra knowledge of the legal side of these issues is valuable for our therapists to be able to best help their clients, especially if children are involved.

Of particular interest was discussion around parental alienation and parental responsibility when it comes to disputes involving children and that of potential changes in surrogacy law. Again, while our therapists are able to offer support with the emotional side of this, having a more informed knowledge of when it is important to seek legal advice will enable clients to be supported as fully as possible at this difficult time.

If you or someone you know is having difficulties in any areas that we have mentioned in this article then please don’t hesitate to contact The Eaves on 01483 917000 or one of the team at Penningtons Manches Cooper in Guildford.