Children Reading Colourful Books on Bench

29 Jun 2020

How COVID19 can effect children’s mental health

Most of us have been emotionally affected in some way by the outbreak of COVID19, however, new research has found that children/young people are at a higher risk of suffering due to the impact of the pandemic. It reports that they may be at risk of developing mental health conditions as there has been an increase in children/young people reporting instances of depression, anxiety, and loneliness compared with previous years (*).



Some of the most common issues that children/young people report having to deal with over the last few months include:

  • The disruption and loss of educational learning
  • Being stuck indoors
  • The feeling of uncertainty
  • Increased (or new) difficulties in family relationships
  • The fear of catching the virus
  • The fear of losing loved ones
  • The oppression of physical well being from lack of play/interaction
  • The sudden loss of a routine



A report carried out by the Childhood Trust has found that of the 2,000 children with mental health conditions it spoke to, 83% said the coronavirus outbreak had made their mental health worse. Similarly, The Guardian has said that many school children will need urgent support from psychologists when the lockdown eases because their lives and education will have been so badly disrupted by school closures (***). Clinical psychologist Dr Maria Loades has said that the loss of routine, contact with friends and regular education is often experienced like a bereavement (**).


Help is here for you

If you are a young person who can relate to feeling like this or if you are a parent who’s child is experiencing feelings of anxiety, depression or loneliness and would benefit from talking to someone, The Eaves have a variety of young peoples’ and child psychologists and counsellors who are specifically trained to support young people.

Please contact us on 01483 917000 where our referrals team will be happy to make an immediate appointment for you.