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09 Mar 2020

University Mental Health Day 2020

More and more students are experiencing mental health problems. With the number of students dropping out because of mental health problems tripling (*). University can be a stressful time; with new social groups, a massive work load to navigate and a completely new environment.


Challenges student’s face:

The University mental health initiative argues time at university raises “a number of unique challenges to mental health and well-being”. (**)

Some challenges include:

  • Academic pressures
  • New social groups
  • Financial problems
  • Unfamiliar environment
  • Living away from home

As a result of these challenges, students can feel overwhelmed. Whilst students past and present experience these pressures, students today face unprecedented concerns due to extortionate financial burden from tuition fees and maintenance loans.

This is supported in recent statistics, in which more than 15,000 students in their first year at a UK university reported a mental health problem, compared to the approximate 3000 students under previous tuition policy (**).


Raising awareness:

A combination of these factors has kick-started The University mental health awareness day, which took place on the 5th of March 2020. The aim is to unite the university community by facilitating a change in student’s access to mental health services.

Mental health charity Mind are advocates for this awareness day, and have launched their ’27 in 27’ challenge. They challenge students to run 27 miles over 27 days, to raise money and awareness for the 27% of students who experience a mental health problem at university.

Similarly to other mental health services, under-funding and poor staffing account for the long waiting times. Above all, this initiative highlights that mental health services available to students need to be easier to access.

At The Eaves we have counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists who are experienced in helping young adults in different areas. If you are a student and are feeling overwhelmed and stressed and would like to speak to a professional, contact The Eaves team on 01483 917000 and we will be happy to help find the appropriate therapist for you.



(*) Institute for Public Policy Research (2017) Not by degrees: improving student mental health in the UK’s universities. Available at [Accessed on 24/08/18]


(***) Brown, P. (2016). The Invisible Problem?: improving students’ mental health. Oxford: Higher Education Policy Institute.