Woman Doing Yoga Outside

24 Nov 2021

What is Mindfulness?

By Connie Davies, Student on Placement at The Eaves

Mindfulness is the state of mind achieved through being present and having an awareness of what is happening both inside and outside of the body. The practice puts us in touch with the mind and body and allows us to notice how the two are connected.  It is so easy to lose yourself in the motion of life but being aware of oneself is so important.  It encourages positive changes and helps to promote mental wellbeing. It is estimated that just over 8 million adults in the UK practice mindfulness.


How to practice mindfulness

There are lots of ways to include mindfulness practices in your everyday life. Some tips to help you become more mindful are:

  • Simply notice your thoughts, your emotions and how your body is feeling throughout moments of the day.
  • Partake in sports such as yoga and tai-chi. These activities help one’s breathing, resulting in awareness of the body.
  • Mindfulness exercises encourage you to identify your thoughts and notice how your body reacts, helping you to gain a sense of control. The charity Mind has information about some exercises you can try.
  • Meditation is the UK’s most popular way of practising mindfulness with over 26% of adults saying they use meditation to encourage better mental wellbeing.


My experience with mindfulness

I have been training to become a counsellor since 2017, nearly four years. There have been times where I have felt like all the changes in my life were really taking their toll and I had lost sight of how I was really feeling. My mind and body were not connecting through those slightly more challenging moments.
Ways in which I helped gain some control over this were: walking, getting fresh air and learning some deep breathing techniques. Allowing yourself time during the day solely for you is so important. Self-care and mindfulness encourage positive mental health as well as connecting the different parts of the body.


You can read more about mindfulness in ‘Why Mindfulness Matters‘, a blog by Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist at The Eaves, Vicki Snow.


You might find it helpful to have a therapist to support you on your mindfulness journey. At The Eaves, where we have over 100 therapists that can help with short or long term issues. Our professionals see individuals of all ages, families, couples and young people 12 hours a day, Monday to Saturday between 9am and 9pm. Please call 01483 917000 to speak to a member of the referrals team. You can also send us an enquiry via our website.