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Dr Charlotte Vaughan


My name is Charlotte Vaughan and I offer an integrative counselling and psychotherapy service at the Eaves clinic in Haslemere, Surrey.

This means I work with you as an individual, prioritising your experience and tailoring my therapeutic approach to meet your needs.

I have particular expertise in helping people with anxiety, depression, relationship problems, matrescence, fertility and IVF journeys and difficulties with work and study. I am particularly interested in helping people with low self esteem who have suffered/are suffering from narcissistic abuse within their family/intimate relationships.

​My training has equipped me with skills and expertise in cognitive behavioural therapy (understanding the link between your thoughts, feelings and behaviours) and psychodynamic therapy (working with the past and unconscious processes affecting your present life). My approach is integrative, I do not offer ‘pure’ CBT, rather I will draw upon theories and techniques where needed, integrating them with my preferred style of working which is person centred with a psychodynamic focus.

My approach is underpinned by a humanistic philosophy – I strongly believe in the potential for change and growth, and take into account your unique story and experience, embracing difference and diversity.

Therapy is the opportunity for you to explore your difficulties as well as your hopes for the future in a safe and confidential space. It is a chance for you to reflect on your life and your experiences, to gain insights and make changes. I work without judgement, taking a warm and empathic stance towards you and your experiences. I use the therapeutic relationship as a vehicle to help us make sense of your ways of relating with others.
​I have worked in the field of mental health support for over fifteen years, and have completed my professional doctorate in Counselling Psychology.


Counselling Psychologist in Private practice since 2018.

Experience working in NHS IAPT and Secondary Care services.

Previous roles include mental health coordinator at University College London and mental health hospitals inspector for the Care Quality Commission.

I currently provide mentoring support for students with mental health issues at a London university.

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology
  • Masters degree in Occupational Psychology
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Dual Diagnosis
  • BA Psychology and Criminology

Additional Training and CPD

  • ‘Codependency in Adulthood’ Enmeshment and Merger in the Parent-Child Relationship (Confer Webinar, May 2022)
  • ‘The Hungry Ghost’ A Biopsychosocial Perspective on Addiction, from Heroin to Workaholism (Confer Webinar, January 2021)
  • ‘Breaking the Trauma Bond’ An Object Relations Approach to Resistance in Treatment (Confer Webinar, September 2020)
  • A Study in Trauma and Somatic Memory (Confer Webinar, August 2020)


  • £110 per 50 minute session


  • AXA PPP Healthcare