Chronic Illness and Pain

Chronic illness and pain can be demanding and life changing. Many conditions can be treated to some degree but it can be difficult to live with the physical and mental effects. Living with chronic illness and pain can bring additional stresses due to the changes people have to make. This can affect their lives and for those around them including family and friends. Talking therapies such as ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) can help people to adjust their expectations and live as full a life as possible with this condition.
Below are some examples of chronic conditions:

Crohn’s disease
Heart Disease
Kidney Disease
Crohn’s disease
Severe depression

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Chronic diseases are typically medical conditions of a long-lasting duration with a
generally slow progression. Studies show they are the leading cause of death
worldwide. Their management involves multiple hospital visits, continuous changes in
treatment regimes, and adapting your surroundings to tailor to your individual needs.

Chronic pain describes pain that lasts longer than three months, or in many cases,
beyond normal healing time; a persistent long lasting sensation of pain and discomfort.

Living with pain can be unbearable at times. Not only does chronic pain cause physical
symptoms, but it can also cause emotion distress such as depression, frustration or
feelings of helplessness. It can leave you feeling tired, worried, angry or just generally in
a bad mood.