Couples Counselling

All couples experience difficulties at times. If you are experiencing problems in your relationship which you are finding difficult to work through, couples counselling can give you both the space you need to talk. Couples counselling can be beneficial for partners encountering damaged trust, affairs or regular arguments. Above all, it is a safe environment to explore feelings and negative patterns of behaviour that may have developed.

Long-term romantic relationship can face challenges. For example, these can include:

Pressures of parenting
Experiencing the pain of infertility or miscarriage
Stress related to work and/or money
Health problems
Family conflicts
An unbiased professional can help to guide honest conversation and improve communication in the relationship. A path of action can be found, whether that be aiding the repair of your relationship or assisting you both to a more amicable separation.

At The Eaves, our couples therapists are trained to work with both partners, impartially. Therefore, this can result in an open, meaningful discussion to find a solution that works for both of you.

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On average couples tend to wait 6-7 years before asking for help, and often, that can be too late. If there is something about your relationship that causes you concern, the sooner you get some help and advice the easier it will be to resolve.

Losing trust in your partner can have a devastating effect on your relationship, as well as your mental health and sense of self-worth, but building trust again is possible if you are both willing to work on it.

Infertility can cause stress, not only to you individually, but to your partner and relationship as well. Making sure you are both supported and supporting one another during this stressful time is extremely important. Communicating and sharing your fears and worries will help your bond to remain strong through your journey.