Anger management

Anger management counselling can be helpful if you feel your anger is out of control or is upsetting those around you. Feeling angry is a natural human response to certain life experiences.

It’s a basic emotion, occurring at times when: we come under attack, feel deceived, upset, insulted or frustrated. Anger helps to relieve built-up energy and tension. Expressing anger can be a healthy way of managing the emotion. But, when excessive or out of control it can become a problem. Excessive anger can be a symptom of, and contribute to, certain mental health problems.

Anger is just one of a spectrum of emotions that we all feel. It is in an important part of what keeps us safe against perceived or actual threats. When it can become a problem is when the feelings of anger do not reduce. They can be expressed in aggressive and threatening behaviours. Both physical – such as breaking objects or driving recklessly – and verbal, such as swearing or using threatening language.

Prolonged and intense anger can have negative effects on your body, including: high blood pressure, headaches, insomnia, increased risk of stroke or heart attack. Improperly managed anger can also affect your mental health, causing issues such as: depressionlow self-esteem and alcohol or drug abuse. The out of control nature of unchecked anger can change the way you feel about yourself and others. It can place serious strain on relationships both personal and professional.

At The Eaves our specialist counsellors and psychotherapists can help you to learn to recognise what provokes your anger and identify the warning signs. Anger management counselling provides you a safe place to practice these new skills and explore healthier ways to express your anger so that you can respond differently, and ultimately take back control of your life.

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Anger management therapy helps a person gain insight into what triggers their anger as
well as identify their anger responses. Using certain exercises, the person develops
skills that help them manage their anger in healthy and productive ways.

Signs that you might need professional anger management therapy could include: you
are more aggressive than what you would seem appropriate for a reaction. You blame
others for your situations, regardless if they’re at fault or not. You are passive-
aggressive in situations.

Children experience anger just as adults do. Regardless of your age, anger that is left
unchecked and un managed is an issue and help is available.