Career Coaching

For most of us, the majority of our adult lives are spent at work. For many people, it is important to be able to work in a role that you are passionate about. This way you can apply your skills and talents whilst growing as a person. Such a career can be highly motivating, fulfilling and rewarding. Issues surrounding career and work can impact on all areas of a person’s life. Some people may be struggling with stress at work, inter-work relationships, redundancy, unemployment or long-term illness, all of which may be preventing them from getting a job, enjoying their work or performing at their best. Other people are uncertain as to what job would satisfy them and feel stuck in a rut. Some desire change but feel unable to leave their current role. Sometimes it can be difficult to either decide or know what the next move is in your career. Coaching can help you set and achieve goals, focus exclusively on the present and future and concentrate on your potential. In this way, you can move forward in life, identifying blocks to progress and helping you to take action to move towards your goals. At The Eaves, our specialist therapists offer a range of therapies to help with issues which may be holding you back from achieving your potential at work. We can work with you to learn new skills to manage stress, improve areas such as interpersonal relationships and help you to realise what you want from life and work.

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Career coaching is when a coach and an employee work one-on-one to help reach
career goals and full potential. Career coaches help with career planning, career
changes, career advice and other career decisions.

A coach can help a leader identify skills to be developed, key strengths and strategies
for improvement. Coaching can focus on achieving goals within a leaders current job or
a move in new directions.

Career coaching is a personal choice, however, it is proven to have only positive and
beneficial outcomes for your career.