Depression is more than just feeling low, unhappy or unmotivated for a few days. It is when these feelings go on for weeks or months at a time, taking over a person’s life. Depression is not something you can simply ‘snap out of’. It is an illness with a wide range of physical, mental and emotional symptoms. These include: feelings of hopelessness, unhappiness, anxiety and a loss of interest in things you used to enjoy. Physically you may feel tired, lose your appetite, feel pains and little or no sex drive.

The intensity of depression varies from feeling very low or tearful to feeling suicidal. It can be hard to seek help, as those with depression may isolate themselves. For example, they may detach from others and feel shame at not being able to overcome it. Depression is increasingly common, with 1 in 10 people suffering from depression at some time in their life. With the right support and treatment it is possible to fully recover.

At The Eaves, our counsellors, psychologists and psychotherapists offer a safe place for you to discuss your feelings and how they are affecting you. We can help you learn new coping mechanisms so you can respond differently to difficult situations, and ultimately take back control of your life.

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Depression is a common mental disorder affecting more than 264 million people
worldwide. It is characterised by persistent sadness and a lack of interest or pleasure in
previously rewarding or enjoyable activities. Untreated, symptoms can last foe weeks,
months or years, if inadequately treated, depression can lead to significant impairment,
other health-related issues and in rare cases, even suicide.

There are different types of depression, and some conditions where depression may be
one of the symptoms. These include; postnatal depression, bipolar disorder and
seasonal affective disorder.

Talking with your therapist as soon as you notice symptoms of depression is advised.
See a GP if you experience symptoms of depression for most of the day, every day, for
more than two weeks.