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Do you feel like you should be “over it” by now, but the past still keeps affecting the present? My name is Fiona, and I can help you unravel the hurt from past trauma.
I am committed to supporting individuals on their path to healing and recovery from trauma’s devastating impact. Trauma can be an overwhelming and complex experience, affecting every aspect of our lives.. As a skilled and compassionate trauma therapist, I create a safe space where you can explore your feelings, emotions, and memories, guiding you towards resilience, empowerment, and inner strength. Together, we will navigate the process of healing, helping you reclaim control over your life and find hope for a brighter future.

You don’t have to have experienced trauma to find counselling helpful. I work with all sorts of people who come with many different issues.
My own personal life experience, as well as working with others, has shown me how healing counselling can be. We all need someone to really listen, who won’t be shocked or hurt by our pain. When we are truly heard we can make sense of what has happened to us.
My therapeutic approach is holistic, I recognise that trauma affects the mind, body, and spirit. By addressing all dimensions of your well-being, we can create a comprehensive healing journey. I combine evidence-based therapies, tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Together, we will uncover the root causes of your trauma, dismantle negative thought patterns, and develop healthy coping strategies. By integrating mindfulness and self-compassion, we will work towards fostering resilience and personal growth throughout your healing process.

In our therapeutic relationship, I prioritise creating a safe and nurturing environment, free from judgment or criticism. We work together, safely so that you will not be retraumatised! I understand the courage it takes to confront trauma, and I honour your journey with empathy and compassion. You will be met with warmth, kindness, and cultural sensitivity, recognising that every individual’s experience of trauma is unique. Emotional safety is important so you can feel empowered to explore your trauma, express your emotions, and process painful memories, fostering healing and transformation.

My training and experience as a trauma therapist have equipped me to work with various trauma-related issues. Whether you are coping with childhood trauma, PTSD, abuse, loss, or any other traumatic event, I have the knowledge and expertise to support your healing journey. Additionally, I am well-versed in addressing complex trauma resulting from prolonged adverse experiences. My approach is flexible and tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that our therapeutic work aligns with your individual goals and needs for recovery.

As a trauma therapist, I view our work together as a partnership. You are the expert on your experiences, thoughts, and emotions, and I am here to guide and support you. Throughout our sessions, I will actively listen, provide validation, and offer tools to help you navigate challenges as they arise. Together, we will celebrate your progress and work through any setbacks, ensuring that you always feel heard and respected. I believe in your resilience and inner strength, and I am committed to helping you unleash your potential for healing and growth.

Let’s make a start. Give me a call or email to arrange a free half hour chat so we can explore the possibility of working together.


I was on placement/volunteering at Connect Counselling Services in Camberley. Providing affordable counselling to the community for 4 years.
I currently work with a charity in Haslemere to provide affordable counselling in the community.

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Humanistic Counselling BA (Hons)
  • Certificate in Trauma Focused Therapy

Memberships & Accreditations


  • £60 for a 50-minute session
  • Free half hour assessment by phone or online so you can decide if I am the right counsellor for you
  • Fee reduction for NHS workers and blue light services


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