The impact of mental health and wellbeing on LGBTQIA+ individuals is profound and multifaceted. Members of this community often face discrimination, rejection, and stigma, both within society and sometimes within their own families and communities. These stressors can lead to heightened rates of anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and other mental health challenges among LGBTQIA+ individuals. Additionally, the lack of understanding and support for their identities can exacerbate feelings of isolation and alienation. However, when provided with affirming environments, access to mental health resources, and supportive communities, LGBTQIA+ individuals can experience significant improvements in their mental health and overall wellbeing, highlighting the crucial importance of fostering acceptance and inclusion for all identities within society.

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Encourage them to seek professional help from LGBTQIA+ affirming mental health providers. Be supportive, non-judgmental, and willing to listen. Let them know they’re not alone and that you’re there to support them through their journey.

At The Eaves we have many practitioners who support LGBTQIA+ clients. We have also put together resources for support. Links to various charities and services that can provide support to LGBTQIA+ young people and adults. Text: TALK to 88440 Other resources include

Allies can support LGBTQIA+ individuals by actively listening to their experiences, educating themselves on LGBTQIA+ issues, advocating for inclusive policies and environments, and offering non-judgmental support and acceptance.