Cervical Cancer Awareness with Different Words Associated with the condition

18 Jan 2019

Cervical Cancer Awareness Week 21 – 27 Jan

Did you know that this week is Cervical Cancer Awareness Week?

Kate’s story that she has so bravely shared below, is sadly one of many. Here at The Eaves we wanted to take the opportunity this week to highlight awareness of cervical cancer, and talk about not only the physical but also the emotional long term effects it has on women.

Like Kate, there have been many women who have gone through similar but different life changing events and traumas, and it seems to almost be a requirement to be brave, strong, not give up, COPE!

Well guess what? It’s ok to not be ok! It’s ok to ask for help. It’s ok to need somebody to talk to, and we have plenty of therapists that can guide you in the right direction through your difficult times, whatever they may be.

Along with the need for emotional intervention during these times, the number one physical thing we as women can do in order to keep abreast of what is going on in our bodies is to go for your smear!

Check out the link below and follow the hashtag #Smear for Smear 2019 this week.