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Chaido Vogiatzi

HCPC Educational Psychologist BPS Chartered Psychologist

Hello, I am Chaido, an independent, caring, and supportive Educational Psychologist (EP) based in Woking (Surrey) working with children from infancy up to 20 Years old. I have over 19 years of experience in providing assessment and advice for children encountering a wide range of learning or emotional needs that are likely to be affecting their access to education, friendships, or family life. This includes children who have complex needs or difficulties and individuals who may have conditions such as Autism, ADHD, and Dyslexia.

I conduct formal Educational Psychology assessments for children from infancy to adolescence, following a holistic approach and using a range of tools, such as cognitive standardised assessments, interviews, screening assessment questionnaires, observations and more. I thoroughly explore all aspects of child development in conjunction with various environmental factors that may affect children’s lives, learning behaviour, and emotional well-being. I provide comprehensive reports for EHCP requests and consultation summary reports. I provide advice and recommendations tailored to meet children’s individual needs within the home and school environment.

I specialise in identifying a child’s strengths and needs at an early stage and providing parents with practical advice, psychological support, and effective strategies to help their child at home. I offer one-on-one and group-level consultation to parents, individual consultation and therapeutic work with children, including social skills training. Additionally, I provide collaboration, training, and consulting services to school staff members and teams.


I have worked as an Educational Psychologist for three local authorities (London Borough of Brent, Surrey County Council, Central Bedfordshire) and as an Independent EP Practitioner for almost two decades.

Training, qualifications & experience

  • BPS accredited graduate Psychologist
  • MA in Psychology of Education Institute of Education University of London
  • MSc in professional Educational Psychology University of Sheffield

Additional Training and CPD

  • Safeguarding training for Psychology Practice (ACHIPPP)
  • Diagnosis of Children and Adolescents with ASD (DR TONY ATTWOOD)
  • Autism & Making Friends (ACAMH)
  • Childhood anxiety problems: Helping parents to help their children (ACAMH)
  • ‘Autism and Family Dynamics’ & ‘Special Interests’ (ACAMH)
  • Managing anxiety in Autistic children and Adolescents (ACAMH)
  • Managing Feelings of Anxiety, Sadness, Anger (ACAMH)
  • Speech and Developmental Language Disorders (ACAMH)
  • Executive Functioning, connecting to practice (The EDPsychED)
  • Emotionally-based school avoidance (CENTRAL BEDS EP SERVICE)
  • Emotion Coaching for Parents and Schools (SURREY EP SERVICE)
  • Social skills and friendships (Circle of friends Brent EP Service)
  • Video Interactive Guidance (V.I.G) (AVIGUK association)
  • Attachment parenting (Judy Arnall, Canada)
  • Parent effectiveness training ( P.E.T Dr Thomas Gordon approach, Greece)

Memberships & Accreditations


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  • Aviva
  • AXA PPP Healthcare