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The Eaves - A great place to grow your practice

We are often asked why we started The Eaves and what makes us such a great place to grow a private practice.

During our counselling training, supervision and placement Stefan and I started to understand what made us feel safe, valued and respected, both as a client, supervisee and especially as a counsellor. We realised that it was the ‘whole package’ so to speak, from the comfortable seating, quiet sound-proofed rooms, carefully thought out lighting, even down to the glass bottle of chilled water for clients who were ‘drying up’. We started to gather ‘evidence’ to help us define what builds into a great experience of private practice for practitioners.

From these beginnings, Stefan and I realised that not all therapy takes place 9-5, particularly in private practice. We wanted our practitioners (our affiliates we call them at The Eaves) to have full autonomy in their practice, backed up with secure, stylish offices, a discreet reception with quality reading material and toys, supportive colleagues, networking opportunities, good CPD, free refreshments and as much support as you need.

Bridget Walford
Managing Director, The Eaves


Benefits of The Eaves

As The Eaves Directors we understand the anxiety and worry that goes with setting up your own practice because that’s exactly what we did 17 years ago. That’s why our rates are really affordable and just to help that bit more, we give you your second month’s rent free. Marketing yourself is tough, so to help we offer free, marketing training and one-to-one advice if you want it. Hidden extras can easily trip up practitioners setting up in private practice, so we don’t charge you for your profile page, for referrals we give you or for the large amount of advertising we do in order to bring clients to The Eaves.

Great locations
The Eaves has four fantastic locations in the prestigious Surrey towns of Guildford, Farnham and Godalming. With plentiful local parking, mainline train stations nearby and frequent bus services, The Eaves is central for local towns such as; Woking, Puttenham, Merrow, Aldershot, Haslemere, Alton, Farnborough and Cranleigh.

Great pricing
There is no complicated pricing structure at The Eaves. You book your regular weekly four-hour block of time on a month-by-month basis and we offer discount for more slots taken. Depending how many ‘slots’ you book, this can mean you rent your room for as little as £8.00 an hour. Once you have booked at least one block you can then book adhoc one hour bookings as and when you need it using our online booking system. This means you can see clients at ANY of our Eaves locations, you can just book it in yourself. The ‘block’ times are as follows. Morning: 9am – 1pm Afternoon: 1pm – 5pm Evening: 5pm – 9pm.


Support For Practitioners

Referral system
There is a well established free referral system that places clients contacting The Eaves with a suitably trained therapist or psychologist and our website positively encourages clients to get in touch with you directly. We always emphasise that referrals are likely but not guaranteed given the nature of our profession! Phone calls are answered by our team 8am – 8pm Monday – Saturday, just so that no potential client’s calls are missed. 

We also invite appropriately qualified colleagues at The Eaves to take some IAPT patient referrals, if they wish to do so.

Free web profile
All therapists and counsellors working at The Eaves have a free profile page on our own website as well as featuring on each page detailing the issues you work with. Clients are actively encouraged to contact you directly and we do not charge you for Eaves referrals. You can write your own profile, appear on our website free of charge and we will happily link to your own website. This raises your profile, the profile of the team and attracts potential clients to your practice. 

Find a Supervisor
At The Eaves we offer you the opportunity to advertise yourself as a Supervisor on our website or find a Supervisor by searching for one of our many qualified practitioners. If you are looking for a Supervisor, please use the search function at the top of the page.

Free CPD and Networking events
As an Eaves practitioner you will be invited to regular free workshops and presentations on a wide variety of subjects to support you with your Continuing Professional Development. These events are presented by Eaves practitioners, so you can also have the chance to share your specialist knowledge with your colleagues. We hold a large Networking event twice a year as a thank you to our practitioners and a chance for you to invite a guest and network with your Eaves colleagues.


Facilities At The Eaves

Clean, warm, attractive rooms
All 23 of our therapy rooms at the Eaves are clean, warm, well decorated and relaxing and used only for psychological services. Privacy and comfort are paramount for our clients and there are comfortable waiting areas with magazines and gentle music. There is a kitchen stocked with a range of teas and coffee (and of course, a full biscuit jar). We supply chilled water and glasses for your clients’ comfort. There are a few Guildford and Farnham therapy rooms are easily adapted for small groups of up to 10 people. As an Eaves affiliate, you can also book ad hoc hours online at anytime at one (or all) of our thriving practices to help grow your practice.

Free Wi-fi
The Eaves has free wi-fi for all therapists, clients and counsellors working there. In addition, each reception PC has a Guest log on for the Internet and access to a high-quality colour printer/copier/scanner. There are also flip charts, white boards and a pc projector available on request.


Becoming A Practitioner

If you would like to find out more please contact The Eaves on 01483 917000 or complete the enquiry form below. We will arrange to meet with you to answer any questions and will give you more information to take away with you.

We politely draw your attention to our minimum entry level requirements of appropriate qualification, membership of a governing body, private indemnity insurance and on-going supervision.

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