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The Gambling Commission has made a huge step forward for helping those with an addiction to gambling this past week, by deciding to ban credit cards being used to place bets online.

Adam Bradford, co-founder of the Safer Online Gambling Group, said that while the credit card ban was “welcome”, it was “not a silver bullet to solve the problem as the gambling industry still needs to improve in many areas – for instance, performing better affordability checks on players and being more careful with its advertising”.

The ban starts from the 14th April 2020 and it means that any online bets cannot be placed with a credit card. With 32% of adults gambling monthly[1] and spending £14.4 Billion from 2018 – 2019[2] in the UK, gambling addiction is a real problem that affects many peoples’ lives. The Royal College of Psychiatrists have said that gambling is a serious problem for 9 in 1000 people and for a further 70 out of 1000 people, they are gambling at risky levels which could become a problem.

If you are thinking about whether or not you have an issue with gambling, below are some statements from the Royal College of Psychiatrists:

Answer ‘yes‘ or ‘no’ to each of these 10 questions:

  • Do I spend a lot of time thinking about gambling?
  • Am I spending larger amounts of money on my gambling?
  • Have I tried to cut down or stop gambling – but not been able to?
  • Do I get restless or irritable if I try to cut down my gambling?
  • Do I gamble to escape from life’s difficulties or to cheer myself up?
  • Do I carry on playing after losing money – to try and win it back?
  • Have I lied to other people about how much time or money I spend gambling ?
  • Have I ever stolen money to fund my gambling?
  • Has my gambling affected my relationships or my job?
  • Do I get other people to lend me money when I have lost?

If you have answered ‘yes’

  • Just once –Gambling may become a problem – this one thing may be enough of a problem to need help.
  • Three times – your gambling probably feels out of control – think about seeking help.
  • Five or more times – your gambling is probably affecting every part of your life – try to get help from a professional.

If you find gambling an issue for you, many of The Eaves counsellors and psychologists work with addiction and have immediate availability.

If you would like to get in contact, please call 01483 917000 and a member of the referrals team will be happy to help find the appropriate therapist for you.


1 – Gambling Comission